The goal of the endowment fund is to support every social, medic cultural and educational, committed on development, promotion and saving of all Haute Couture artistic creations, works or actions of general interests. The vocation of this fund is : Financial support of art, sewing, Haute Couture (particularly Franck Sorbier activities) as well as broadcasting a knowledge, connected to those fields (exhibition, training, edition, magazine, Internet, art gallery, artists house, foundation, show room, museum, seminar…).

The headquarter of the Sorbier Endowment Fund is at 127 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris, France.

Board of directors of the Sorbier Endowment Fund :

  • Monsieur Frank Sorbier.
  • Madame Isabelle Tartière.
  • Monsieur Pierre Myard.
  • Monsieur Bernard Laprie.

…… it is your turn to become a member today and to support a savoir-faire, a patrimony… an artist.

Becoming member for French audience:
Gives right to a tax on the revenue reduction for physical persons equals to 66% of the amount corresponding to gifts and payment (Maximum 20% of the taxable revenue ; Cf. article 200 du Code général des impôts)
Example: If you give € 1,000 to the Endowment Fund, you will reduce your tax on the revenue by     € 666.

Concerning the corporate patronage, the endowment fund gives right to a tax reduction of 60% of the payment amount (maximum 0.5% of the turnover) done by companies liable for tax on the revenue or on the benefits.
Example: If you give € 10,000 to the Endowment Fund, you will be able to reduce your tax by €     6,000.